Men’s Cuts

A proper men’s haircut is about more than just looks. It’s a ritual created and perfected by men of past generations. In our salon, we combine these traditions with modern equipment, cosmetics, and highly-trained experts to give you the best experience possible.
Our services run the gamut from men’s cuts to beard and mustache trimming to a Royal Shave. You can also choose get a manicure or pedicure simultaneously with your hair grooming service. That way, you’re sure to look (and feel) like a proverbial million dollars.
When you visit Barberia, you can be certain that we use only the best professional cosmetics made for men. Everything starts with shampoos designed to keep your hair healthy and well-fed with nutrients. Our experts use these before or after a haircut, depending on your needs. After your cut or shave is over, they use more products: specifically, various fixation solutions that keep your hair looking neat and tidy long after you’re left our salon.
Not sure which haircut you should go for? Then just ask one of our experts or an administrator. They’ll be glad to help you pick a haircut that highlights your natural good looks and fits with your fashion sense and lifestyle.
We are currently offering discounts on Men’s Haircut + Royal Shave combos. To learn more, call one of our salons and ask the administrator for details.
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